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Who am i?


I am a daughter, sister, aunt, mother, grandmother, retired military woman, teacher, and
lifelong learner. As the oldest sister I was responsible for my siblings and was the
producer/director of our neighborhood productions. I began coaching, training, and
facilitating adult growth as a leader in the U.S. Coast Guard. My current vocational goal
is to teach life skill topics for the empowerment of all people. I honor our individuality
while seeing and appreciating the differences of others. I am seeking gender balance by
honoring yin/yang, male/female, and the god/goddess within. I can help you use your
voice to speak your truth in a healthy and effective way which can teach you how to
bring joint/equal power to relationships, increasing their value. My work can help people
improve their self-image helping undo the kyriarchy by ending sexism, racism, ageism,
and other issues that create separation in the world and stopping relationships that use
power over. I honor You, Me, and will help us learn to live in true community.


Why Work with Me?


I have held many leadership roles in various community groups and organizations. For
over 20 years I have taught classes and workshops in a variety of locations, teaching
how people learn, Increasing Human Effectiveness, diversity management,
communication, and other people skills. We are from many generations and with
knowledge of Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), global values, and ethical fitness, we
can communicate effectively across our differences. Feminist Spirituality and
communication skills are my vocational work. I have presented at many women’s
gatherings such as Sisters in Sisters in Oregon, and have served in various women’s
groups and organizations for over 15 years.

I have traveled to all 50 states in the United States of America, walking sacred sites like
Sekhmet’s Temple in Nevada; and the land in Sedona, Arizona; New Mexico, Colorado,
and Hawaii. Internationally, I have travelled to Canada, England, Ireland, Greece/Crete,
Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Peru.


Educationally, I hold a Bachelor of Science from Excelsior College and a Master’s in Education with Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, using Educational Technology from Sonoma State University. I am currently enrolled in a Phd program at Sofia University (Institute for Transpersonal Psychology) and have completed the course work for four certificates: creative expression, transformative life coaching, spiritual guidance, and training, education and research.

Spiritually, I was raised Catholic leaving the church after my divorce. I have explored shamanism, 12 Step programs, and other spiritual/mental/emotional/body healing modalities. I have worked with many teachers, healers, and shamans. My education and training as a pagan began with Morgana Wyze, High Priestess of the Old Welsh Tradition in Seagate Circle. I found the Dianic path when I met Felicity Artemis Flowers (Felicity was ordained by Ruth Barrett who was ordained by Z Budapest). I was ordained as a Dianic Priestess on January 31, 2004 by Jo Pettit, Raven Tree-Singing Woman and Ingrid, the Rune Woman. In 2016 I was ordained into the Sisterhood of Tribal Priestess by Lady Jesamyn Angelica and you can follow us on Facebook.


Please see my products page and let's work together to get you further on the path of the life you want to live.

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Please see my services page and let's work together to get you further on the path of the life you want to live.

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