How I got here:

I offer thanks and gratitude first and foremost to my family, for their love and support throughout the years. I also offer thanks and gratitude to the many teachers, healers, and travel leaders that have helped me to heal and remember who I am.

My teachers have taught me: life skills, ancient knowledge, healing arts, women’s blood mysteries, and the healing properties of ritual.

My healers have offered me a wide variety of modalities such as music, chiropractic care, massage, shamanic breath work, Soul Retrieval, and Reiki.

My travels have been a combination of pilgrimage and retreat. The leaders and sisters who accompanied me on these travels have created great memories that have healed me in numerous ways.

Many of my teachers have also been my healers and/or travel leaders. I list them alphabetically:

Ginny Anderson: author, teacher, and traveler

Lady Jesamyn Angelica: teacher, traveler, and High Priestess, Sisterhood of the Moon as well as Sisterhood of the Tribal Priestesses
Magick & Empowerment

Aunty Mahealani: teacher

Ruth Barrett: singer, author, traveler, teacher, and spiritual leader

Crystal Bates: teacher, healer, traveler, Sisterhood Tribal Priestess and High Priestess of Goddess Temple of Venus Rising

Jennifer Berezan: singer, teacher, and traveler

Angel Blue: Spiritual Life Coach/Healer

Lithia Brigan: teacher, traveler, and Sisterhood Tribal Priestess and Presiding Priestess at Wildheart Grove

Z Budapest: author and High Priestess of the Dianic Tradition

Gypsy Jean Cottam: teacher, traveler, healer, Sisterhood Tribal Priestess and High Priestess of the Utah Goddess Temple

Max Dashu: teacher and author

Dr. Christina Emrich: healer and Dianic Priestess, owner of Evoke Wellness Center

Ingrid Kincaid: author, teacher, and world traveler

Vicki Noble: author, traveler, and teacher

Bu Nygrens: teacher, traveler, co-owner and founder of Veritable Vegetable

Alaura O’Dell: teacher and traveler, owner of Sacred Journeys for Womyn

Diana L. Paxson: teacher and author

Falcon River: traveler, teacher, and spiritual leader Temple of Diana
Artemis Archery

Evalena Rose: teacher and spiritual healer

Karen Rosenberg, LISW: leading sacred journeys and retreats honoring the Divine Feminine

Dave Star: owner of StarProductions DJs

Starhawk: author, traveler, and creator of the Reclaiming Tradition

Char Sundust: Shamanic healer, teacher, and traveler

Luisah Teish: author, storyteller, and teacher

Vira: the CA mermaid and owner of Never Ends Salon

Morgana Wyze: teacher and spiritual healer

Thanks also to the many people I met and served with in the following associations listed alphabetically:

The American Legion

American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) especially the Golden Gate chapter

Association for Psychological Type International (APTi) especially the Portland, Oregon and California Chapters: Bay Area (BAAPT) and Capital City (CCC-APT)

Disabled American Veterans DAV

Daughters of the Goddess

Diana’s Grove

The Goddess Temple of Orange County

International Society for Performance Improvement ISPI, especially the Armed Forces Chapter (AFC)

Sister-Queens thank you for helping me acknowledge my sovereignty! Blessed Be Sisterhood of the Moon! Especially Brook Lujan: teacher, Dianic Priestess, and Sisterhood of the Tribal Priestesses; Lupa Moon: Healer, Teacher, and Priestess; Sabrina Moon: teacher, Dianic Priestess and Sisterhood of the Tribal Priestesses as well as my Bella Donna and Witchy sisters.

To my sisters in the Spiral Door Program with the Temple of Diana I am forever grateful to have come home to myself while learning how to better serve Her and while in such great company.

U.S Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association especially the Vancouver, Washington, Golden Gate, Petaluma, and Honolulu Chapters

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)